Empowering youth-serving organizations to do their best work.

Student Success Link securely connects youth-serving organizations with the critical academic data and daily insights they need to provide children and young people with quality services and support.


  • At-a-glance student student list views

    Use warning flags and trends to see who needs attention.
  • Student profile

    From contacts to class schedule to service eligibility, easily access essential information about each student.
  • Comprehensive attendance and behavior reports

    Drill down from monthly overviews to daily details.
  • Big picture insights

    Browse transcripts,  assessments, enrollment history and program participation.
  • Flexible and secure user management

    Manage multiple programs and users with tiered access to student data.

Student Success Link empowers youth-serving organizations to do their best work.

A whole student vantage point

A whole student vantage point

See demographics, service eligibility, program enrollment, school enrollment history and more.
A data dashboard created specifically for providers

A data dashboard created specifically for providers

Give front-line youth workers and organization administrators a tool designed with their jobs in mind.
Essential, daily insights to support intervention

Essential, daily insights to support intervention

Access detailed attendance and behavior information to determine who may be at risk or in need of academic coaching.
Less paperwork, better outcomes

Less paperwork, better outcomes

Reduce administrative overhead and improve service through data management standards.
A tool for collaboration and collective impact

A tool for collaboration and collective impact

Use data to tailor school day supports and program services to each student  - And foster partnerships between Educators and community partners.
A platform to enable continuous improvement

A platform to enable continuous improvement

Use big picture data views across programs and service areas to see what’s working where and identify gaps.

About the Project

The Student Success Data Partnership, comprised of the Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) and its Road Map Project partners, is committed to using data to better understand which tools and techniques are improving student achievement and then pursuing opportunities and innovations that foster student success.

In 2014, the Partnership submitted a grant proposal to the Gates Foundation to fund research and development of the data platform that would become Student Success Link (SSL). The system is comprised of inputs from multiple partners (school districts and youth-serving organizations) and then undergoes various format translations (Schools Interoperability Framework, Student Data Privacy Model) before it is made available to end users.

Student Success Link functions as a critical infrastructure component for youth-serving organizations in the Road Map region. The platform makes possible improved practices by allowing staff to access up-to-date student data within a sophisticated interface.


From the beginning, Student Success Link was designed to be shared with others.

Our vision for Student Success Link is for it to become the national standard in how we provide academic and non-academic services to our students and families in all communities. The collaborative and securely shared student data work between schools and out of school time partners will make certain that we are providing the crucial on time services to to make sure every student has an opportunity at success in life.

To this end, together with our thought partners, we actively seek to partner with an organization to help operationalize and sustain Student Success Link. Together we can improve services to our communities, balance inequities, and provide timely services based on real-time data. If you are passionate, and a warrior of social justice, and have the technical expertise, join us in making a difference. Use the form below to get in touch.

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